Human Bingo

Fun networking tool for maximum engagement.

30 minūtes - 1 stunda
Iekštelpās un brīvā dabā
Konkurence / Sadarbība
8 - Neierobežoti


Human bingo is a fast-paced, engaging networking activity. Unlike regular bingo, participants ask a range of questions which create opportunity to discover new things about their colleagues. Instead of pen and paper, Human Bingo is an app-based program which presents each team with a set of questions. Fun facts, quirky habits, hobbies or achievements e.g. have you been on TV or can do a hand stand? A good variety of questions gets everyone engaged. To achieve Bingo, participants must ask other teams questions trying to find someone who can answer positively or identify teams who fall under specific criteria. Some questions require video or photo evidence creating instant laughs and fond memories. Working in teams creates just enough competition between the teams while allowing wonderful bonding with team members.

Mācību rezultāti

Human Bingo is the ideal way to encourage networking. It is designed for newly formed teams or those who seek to solidify ties and create stronger communication bridges. Discovering more about others, creating bonds, and building trust strengthens the team. The fast pace and informal, fun nature of the activity ensures full engagement. The game can be tailored to suit your team and deliver maximum results by adding specific facts about individuals and tasks about the team or the company into the game. Scores, photos and video from the game are available as a take-away of a memorable shared experience.

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